Classes and Assignments

Fall 2007

AHE 548: American Higher Education– Historical study of the college and university including a review and influence of the European university and the rise and development of American higher education with an emphasis on types of institutions and their respective curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Assignments: Two major assignments for this course were my undergraduate institution history paper and my research on the history of a particular aspect of higher education. I researched the history of hazing.

AHE 551: Programs and Functions in College Student Services– Historical, philosophical and organizational foundations; operational components and functional areas; overview and analysis of college student services in postsecondary educational institutions.

Assignments: Compose a full conference presentation proposal What is the best conference to present at? Why? sampleconfproposal •  Explore some of the current literature available for one functional area or specialization area of your choice. Select 4-5 recent and high quality journal articles in this area and write a short paper summariaing the unique challenges within the functional area  investigation_paper •  Visit (using in person, electronic and voice interviews) three individuals who work in a selected CAS standard functional area. Find out about their offices mission, vision, values and function. What types of positions do they have? What are their unique challenges and issues they face in their setting? 3campusfunctarea

AHE 552: Principles and Theories of Student Development I– Exploration of the history, meaning, and implications of student development theories. Emphasis on typologies, person-environment, psychosocial, and cognitive theories and the diversity of student populations served by student affairs. Special focus on the application of theory and how it may provide a springboard for practice and further discovery.

Assignments: Reflect on your own development as a student and then individually discuss aspects of your own growth in relations to student development theory through an autobiography studevelautobio •  and analyze a popular book (my group chose Rites of Passage by Hank Newer) and discuss the contents with the use of student development theories theoryfinal

AHE 599: Transitions Seminar-Discussion related to a variety of introductory topics, including program/graduate school transition and expectations, professional development, communication, assistantship connections, and making the most of the CSSA experience.

Winter 2008

AHE 599: Multicultural Issues in Higher Education– Exploration of the beginning development of one’s multicultural proficiency while addressing selected multicultural issues in student affairs administration (e.g. multicultural service models, campus climate issues, emerging research, professional dilemmas and challenges).

Assignments: My notes on White Like Me by Tim Wise Set 1 and Set 2Environmental Scan of Student Life offices presentation • I also wrote a term paper on first-generation students firstgenstudents

TCE 530: Fundamentals of Counseling-A course designed for students planning on working in a human service profession, such as counseling, teaching, nursing, medicine, law. Exploration of basic helping processes appropriate in a variety of settings. Review of ethical standards of conduct. A variety of skills and techniques are demonstrated and practiced through videotape and role play.

Assignments: Interview a student affairs professional about the counseling skills that they use on a regular basis counselinginterview In addition to this assignment, I had to complete numerous online quizzes, post my reflections on Blackboard, watch Remember the Titans and Good Will Hunting, and do a video counseling session where I used all the skills I had learned. I was unable to retrieve any of these documents or video to upload.

AHE 599: First Year College Students: Programs and Philosophies– Development of an understanding of population and personal dynamics of first year college students. Consider the social, historical, and theoretical stimuli that have influenced the ways in which institutions work with first year students. Evaluate the factors that influence first year student success. Confront the challenges that universities still face with regard to first year student populations

Assignments: Compare and contrast two bacc. core classes making note of how the environment affects learning classobservation • I read Connecting to the net.generation and interviewed three undergraduate students at Western Oregon University to see how closely they related to the Net Generation students mentioned in the book netgen • I also made a collage of the experiences I had during my first year in college cu1styearpic

AHE 599: Spirituality in Higher Education

Assignments: My final project in this course involved creating a residential learning community build around the concept of developing a life philosphy  spiritualityactionplan

Spring 2008

AHE 552: Principles and Theories of Student Development II- Theoretical and philosophical foundations of student development; analysis of college student characteristics and the student culture; nontraditional student subgroups; student attitudes, values, and beliefs; concepts and models that promote student learning; and assessment of student growth.

Assignments: I wrote my term paper on how online courses reflect popular student learning theories onlinelearningtheory1 and for my final project I worked with a partner to analyze some popular songs through the lens of student development theories blog-pop-up-manual. You can find the videos that coorespond with the manuel at the following site:

AHE 599: Assessment in Student Affairs-Examination of the role and importance of student affairs and other higher education settings. Review of needs, satisfaction, outcomes, and environmental assessments, techniques for implementation, and their application in education settings.

Assignments: Here are my reflections from the readings and classroom work assessmentreflections. I also did an evaluation of the StudentVoice service studentvoiceeval and another evaluation for an assessment tool put out by North Carolina State University nctoolkiteval

PHL 580: Ethics of Diversity- Uses moral philosophy to examine difference-based discrimination and prejudice in the human community.

Assignments: These short essays and term paper can also be found under Competency 4 section C • Internalized Oppression Opression Hurts the OppressorShame of the Nation term paper

Fall 2008

AHE 558: Organization and Administration in College Student Services- Legal foundations, governance models, planning, and goal setting, resource acquisition and allocation, personnel and financial management and administrative leadership.

Assignments: Delicious assignment/resources on ethical decision making • reflections on the difference between leaders and managers leadvsmanage • my final project was a Power Point presentation on how common student affairs organizational structures best handle critical issues within higher education student-affairs-models-and-critical-issues-in-higher

Winter 2009

AHE 554: Legal Issues In Higher Education- A comprehensive presentation and discussion of the law governing administration within public colleges and universities with special emphasis on tort liability and freedom of expression

Assignments: I wrote my legal memo on the implications of deconstructing a free speech zone on campus. It will be up once the term is finished. I also have my legal brief of RAV v. The City of St. Paul legalbrief1 and another brief of Southworth v. The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin southworth-case-debrief

AHE 557: Professional Development– Self-assessment, goals setting, professional growth, and professional ethics as a practitionerr in college student services administration. See Competency 9 for learning in this area

MB 699: Success in the College Classroom– Seminar course intended to help graduate students interested in teaching at the college level to learn about the shift in higher education from an instructional paradigm to an engaged learning paradigm. Develop strategies necessary for success in the classroom and explore learning styles and strategies. See Competency 7 for learning in this area.

PSY 599: Stress and Coping– Provides students an introduction to the psychology of stress and coping, and the field of stress management. Explores theories, research and applicatons in this area from biological, cognitive, behavioral and environmental perspectives.

Assignments: Response paper on stress and adjustment to college stressresp1 Paper on Coping Among 1st Generation Ethnic Minority Students  stressresp2 •  Paper on Minority-Related Stressors at HBCU’s vs. PWCU stressresp3 •  Paper on Stress and Alcohol Consumption stressresp4


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